Did you know that 90 percent of buyers start their home search online, and most first impressions are made from online photos? If you want to make sure that get people interested in buying your home, you need to make sure that that impression is a good one.

Follow these tips for photos that stand out, attract buyers, and get homes sold.

Photography Basics

Change Perspectives.

Listed photos can become redundant when all images are shown at an eye-level perspective. Keep a buyer’s attention by getting low and shooting up, or standing on a stepstool for a bird’s-eye view to create a more dynamic perspective.

Zoom in.

It’s tough to notice the original crown molding or your brand-new, eco-friendly appliances when the photo was taken from the doorway. Take a few steps forward to zoom in on can’t-miss features.

Steady the Focus.

Blurry images are a huge turnoff to buyers. The most common culprit is a shaky hand. A tripod can fix that. Don’t have one? Simply steady the camera on a surface for an innovative alternative.

Lighting Matters

It’s best to photograph interiors in natural light. Open up the blinds, and let the sunshine in, but be careful to avoid harsh, direct sunlight, which causes intense shadows. Photograph each room at the time of day that shows it in its best (and natural) light.

Avoid the flash. A flash can result in glare and add some unsightly or dated coloring to your home. In rooms with little to no natural light, turn on as many warmly lit light sources as it takes to produce an inviting ambiance.

Outdoor photographs should be taken on a clear day, with minimal clouds. Follow the sun. Sunlight adds warmth to photographs, but consider where the sun is in relation to your home before snapping the shutter. You want the sun behind you in the photo, so if the front of your home faces east, photograph the front of the home in the morning and the back of the home in the afternoon.

Content that Sells

What you choose to photograph is just as important as the quality of the shots. Make sure your listing has the following shots.

Favorite Home Features.

Walk around your home, and note your favorite features. They can be vanity elements, like the reclaimed wood built-ins in the living room, or functional details, like the updated ventilation system that reduces energy costs.

Photograph the unique characteristics that can impress with just their looks, and capture the brand names or features that convey “updated and green” without saying a word.

Buyers rank kitchens, bathrooms, storage options, and eco-friendly features as the top amenities in a home. Make sure to highlight at least one wow-worthy item, per amenity, so that your home features all four of these 
in-demand items.

The great outdoors.

It’s easy to want to point your lens toward your home with outside shots, but don’t forget about the other outdoor features. Flaunt the outdoor play area for kids and pets, and snap some images of your budding flower beds or fruit trees. Decks, outdoor storage, and even a spacious driveway are all photo-worthy areas.

Creating a picture perfect listing doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Just follow the advice above to show off your home like a pro.

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